​Selecting Your Leather for Wassookeag Moccasins

Choosing Leather For Wassookeag Moccasins

When choosing a hand crafted leather moccasin you have a few option to get the right fit and feel. Knowing what type of outer leather, inner leather and sole construction will help you get the perfect moccasin.

Outside Leather Moccasin Construction

Wassookeag Moccasins are made with 3 layers of 8 to 9 ounce of full grain leather. We use a supper soft leather that gives thickness but also pliability for the perfect combination of comfortable and durable footwear. The leather thickness we use is difficult to find in any other place around the world. Which is why these moccasins are best made in the USA.

When ordering a pair or two of our moccasin consider the following differences between our leather options.

Outer Construction Choices

The outer construction of the moccasins are made from 2 types of leather.

Buffalo Leather: 

Buffalo (American bison) leather is a softer and sponger leather because of the nature of its loose grain. This makes for the ultimate comfort and is recommended to be worn indoors.

Bull Hide Leather: 

Our bullhide leather is also supple and soft out of the box but its grain is tighter and creates and makes a more firm and durable which is better for walking on rougher surfaces out of the house.

Outer Construction Color:

We have two color options which gives you a good range of versatility to wear with all types of clothing combinations.

Chocolate Color Leather: 

Chocolate is very popular because it is better at hiding stains and dirt. It can also be dressed up to be worn in a more formal environment or dressed down to be more causal and worn to work.

Honey Color Leather: 

Honey is a classic beautiful color that pairs well with just about anything. It's a beautiful medium brown that gains a nice patina with age. Customer wear it with a verity of clothing including pants, jeans, and shorts.

Inside Leather Construction

Inside Leather:  

We have two options for the inside finish of our moccasins. One is a lined version and one is an unlined version. The lining material of the moccasins provides an extra layer of comfort and warmth. Some people like the feel of the smooth leather against their foot while others like the feel of the unlined which is the backside of the outer leather.


Deerskin lining is extraordinarily comfortable and comes from American deer. Deer skin is known for its soft and supple characteristics and has been used for hundreds of years to make foot coverings. This lining is very classic.


Sheepskin lining is also very comfortable. We only use genuine sheepskin which provides the highest level of warmth and softness that you can get in a natural material for footwear. People love the fuzzy feel on their bare foot. This lining is very popular.

No Lining (back of Buffalo or Bull hides): 

Many people like the unlined version of our moccasins because they like the feel of the underside of the leather which is not as smooth but equally as soft. This side of the leather is typically called the rough side and is great for managing the moisture of sweaty feet and doesn’t feel sticky or get as smelly.

More About Our Soles

Sole material: 

The sole is made of the either the buffalo or bull hide leather depending on the material you choose. The sole is made of 1 or 3 layers of 8 to 9 ounce thick leather depending on the style you select. We also offer a soft flexible rubber molded sole for a few women styles.

Soft sole: 

Soft sole means that there is 1 layer of leather under your foot as opposed to the triple sole which has 3 layers under your foot. This is your traditional single layer of leather moccasin construction. If you have a lining model then technically you have 2 layers of leather.

Triple sole: 

The triple soled moccasin takes the traditional single sole moccasin construction and adds an additional sole layer underneath and then sandwiches another layer of leather in between the other two pieces. This creates a very durable, comfortable, and soft sole. Technically if you have a model with lining then that is the 4th layer of leather.

Women’s hard sole: We also offer a soft flexible rubber molded sole for a few women models. This sole protects the soft leather upper and because its rubber it allows it to be on all types of surfaces.